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Downloadable guides to all things turf, such as compatability charts, fungicide charts and weed charts to name a few.
News Release - BASF partners with Globe Growing Solutions.

As of 1 January 2018, Globe Growing Solutions will be appointed exclusive distribution of the BASF turf solutions portfolio in Australia.

Connecting Soil and water - Improving the interaction between thegrowing media, applied irrigation waterand the plant root system is crucial inmaintaining healthy turf in Australia.
Fertech - New Range

Fertech is a range of Liquid Nutrient, Biostimulant and Amendment Products that you can reply on to deliver results in any situation.

Globe Over Sowing Guide
A guide to successfully over sowing turf areas with rye grass.

Includes information on seed varieties, results from field trials and management tips for establishing and maintaining an over sown turf surface.

Turf Insect ID Chart
A handy guide to identify the common insect pests impacting turfgrass health and when to look out for them.
Bayer Fungicide Reference Table
Reference table that shows the Bayer range of turf registered fungicide products. The chart give the recommended product for each of the common turfgrass diseases, the products registered for its control, active ingredients, application rates and product groupings. A very handy chart to put on the wall of your shed and/or office.
Fungicide Compatibility Chart
Wall chart fungicide compatibility guide for turf registered products distributed by Globe Growing Solutions. 
Bayer Bowling Green Guide
Product selection guide for the Bayer range of products for use on bowling greens.
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